In this blog, I share my thoughts and ideas on the topics of data science, computational mathematics, and artificial intelligence.

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coffee drinker (turkish, espresso, french press) | alumnus of uc berkeley where I studied mathematics, statistics, and economics at the undergraduate level | alumnus of the university of chicago where I studied machine learning, financial econometrics, and economics at the doctoral level | statistical consultant at metanumerics | senior associate data scientist at workday | leading data science at cbj global | musician, fashion photographer, and videographer (recreationally) | cologne and perfume enthusiast | in my twenties.


interior designer from new jersey | wall street speculator | bearer of strong political opinions | self-righteous | impressionable | extroverted.


Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18. Einstein | An investment in knowledge pays the highest interest. Benjamin Franklin | Jealousy…is a mental cancer. B.C. Forbes | There is no such thing as defeat in nonviolence. Caesar Chavez | Life is too short for…grudges. Elon Musk

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